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Mouse navigates the menus, that's it.


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Age of War Walkthrough

Remember the 100 year war? Well this war lasts for a lot longer than that. The Age of War is a single battle that spans from the prehistoric era, to the middle ages, to the civil war, modern times, and the distant future. An arms race with no end in sight.

At the start of Age of War, you are simply a tribe of cavemen throwing rocks and clubbing each other to death with the ability to summon a volcano's fury on top of your enemies. Then is the middle ages, where you clad yourself in armor and rain arrows on your enemy as your special. After that is the civil war era, where you are armed with duelists and marksmen, and are able to call upon the powers of Jesus Christ to aid your soldiers, then the modern era which we are all familiar with, and eventually the far future where we can create super soldiers and deadly machines made purely for killing.

Age of War is a war game where you have two opposing sides, but the length of the game is far, far longer than most others which is quite suitable considering its scope in time. Your menus allow you to build units and queue up to five at a time, and to also buy turrets for your base to provide backup power for your soldiers.

Money in the game is earned by killing enemy troops. The money you earn is based on the cost of the troop, with each troop giving more than it's normally worth, roughly 130% of its buying price, meaning as long as you beat back your opponent, you will always have cash.

Age of War provides one large edge over your opponent, namely your special attack. It has a large cooldown and haphazard accuracy, but it can instantly kill non-tank units and will severely damage tank units. Other than this, you can throw up up to four turrets that, once put up, render your base near-untouchable once you have fully upgraded them.

If you feel you're at a complete stalemate, save up money and build turrets, they help a ton.